My name is PJ! I use he/she/they pronouns, I'm 25yrs old, and my star sign is Aries.

I love all things cute, cool, funny, weird, beautiful, and incomprehensible.

This site is meant to be my personal space for whatever I see fit. Journalling, photos, art, media reviews, music, collecting and archiving things...

Here are some of my likes and interests:

  • Anime, but I'm very picky. I like Naruto and Death Note and stuff. I enjoy criticizing and analyzing things I watch.
  • Video games, I especially like old PS1+2 graphics, stuff like Spyro The Dragon, Silent Hill, and Chulip. I mostly play creative and simulation games like Minecraft and Animal Crossing though. I am also a sucker for RPGmaker games like Yume Nikki, Mouth Sweet(thats where i got my online name), and Space Funeral. Also Dance Dance Revolution, not just as a game but as a cultural phenomenon of the 2000s
  • Toys, dolls, and miniatures. I've always had a fascination with tiny versions of normal things, especially with small details and moving parts. I'm planning to make a collection page where I'll have pictures of all my toys and plushies and dolls. Maybe i'll also make a page for dolls and figures I want to get?
  • Fashion, especially alternative subcultures and 2000s street fashion. I'm obsessed with old FRUiTS magazine scans. I also like vintage designer brands.
  • Horror... I'm a fan of any kind, but I love creatures and psychological stuff most.
  • MMD and 3D modelling programs. Right now I'm experimenting with making set pieces and props for my OC models.
  • History and occultism. I'm so fascinated with topics like how we got here, what people of the past did, and forgotten/undocumented traditions.

I hope you enjoy your stay!