cardcaptor sakura

the first anime i ever watched as a child was cardcaptor sakura, and i still love it as an adult (despite some questionable and weird subplots...)

ive still never finished it, but i go back and rewatch the first few arcs from time to time. i always loved the scenes with touya and yukito.

lucky star

lucky star is one of those animes that really represents the early days of otaku and net culture. i think its very funny and cute. its another one that i didnt officially finish...

kagami is my favorite. she inspires me to be more productive and self-sufficient.

alien 9

this one is so special to me. i watched the OVA at a time in my life where the story really spoke to me. i interpreted the theme as the pain of losing youth and innocence.

haibane renmei

charcoal feather federation is the most recent anime i finished watching, and i think it might be one of my all-time favourites. the setting and visuals are so cozy and nostalgic. i relate a lot to reki.


i dont know if milpom classifies as anime but it is a very cute and funny web series. i love the dolls that represent the characters, and the dialogue is very fun. i'm amused by the backhanded way the girls talk to each other and their rude internal monologues

neon genesis evangelion

what can you even say about NGE? its so insane and emotionally exhausting but its another anime that takes me back to a happy time. rei is my favorite right now, but as a teen kaworu was my favorite because kawoshin reminded me of my relationship at the time.

tokyo mew mew

in middle school my friends and i were planning to cosplay the tokyo mew mew cast, and everyone quickly decided which mew mew they would be, and i wanted to be kisshu. looking back on it, that was the first sign i was genderqueer. lol


nana is a really cool shoujo with interesting themes of romance, friendship, loyalty, and maturity. i relate to nana osaki's listless attitude towards many things, and her strong sense of protecting her friends. she's also got a very dry sense of humor that i like.

animal crossing

i couldnt list my favorite games without starting here. animal crossing has been very special to me for years. during highschool i was sick a lot and spent a lot of time in bed with ACNL. since 2013 ive played new leaf, ACGC, pocket camp, and new horizons. i tried wild world, but... the emulator i used was really bad. lol. i have a lot of opinions on new horizons that would take ages to go in depth about but overall i think its a great game, maybe my favorite from the series.

stardew valley

if i could erase my memory and experience stardew valley for the first time again, i would do it right away. i loved the game so much when i discovered it and i've been excited for every update since then, its a bit of a shame that the game tends to feel repetitive after a while. i love Concernedape though and i'm really looking forward to Haunted Chocolatier

spyro the dragon

the original trilogy, to be specific. spyro is a game i grew up on. its so magical and weird. i think spyro is the reason i love low-poly models so much.

final fantasy

okay i never actually got involved in final fantasy lore but its another game i played with my family when i was a little kid, and i recently played through the ff7 remake, and now i really want to get back into it


chulip is so cute and funny. i like the music a lot. the characters are also interesting and weird. its a hard game to get your hands on and i dont think it can be emulated, so i recommend watching a playthrough. i watched wayneradioTV's series because the RTVS crew are my favorite streamers/content creators right now.

silent hill

i used to have really bad paranoia and anxiety because of all the horror video games i played and silent hill was a huge offender but i still do love it and i think the creature design is amazing.

kirby's dreamland 3

i played this game all the way through on the switch with my friend violet and it became a very special memory. we loved the funny faces the characters all made and we got so frustrated trying to get 100% on every level


a few years ago i heard about this game and watched gameplay of it, and i fell in love with the visuals and the music. madeline is very relatable to me. i love that there arent any real villains, and its just a story of accepting your own flaws and "dark side". in 2020 i bought the game in a bundle for racial justice fundraising and tried to play it using my keyboard... it was really hard, i only finished two chapters. lol

mouth sweet

mouth sweet is pretty unknown, it was made by an indie developer called L.O.V.E. Games who i follow on twitter for other projects - i will not link their twitter since they post NSFW art but here is their itchio page. mouth sweet is a retro gameboy style rpg about invisible monsters lurking the halls of your terrible workplace. the music is all very interesting and ambient and scary. despite the disturbing and potentially triggering subjects i find a lot of comfort in the story.

yume nikki

i love yume nikki and all of the fangames inspired! its so strange and fun. i have vivid dreams myself so i feel right at home in the weirdness, and the dull color tones are comforting.