Main blog: I mostly reblog anything that i find funny or pretty. Very rarely I make personal posts. But maybe I should post more?

Happy blog: this one has been through a lot of changes, but it's a more cute and kidcore-ish blog than my main? I don't know why I felt the need for a secondary blog for this honestly

Horror blog: I find comfort in macabre and scary things sometimes but for the most part this blog is not super active

Twitter: here you will find mostly Splatoon clips and Animal Crossing screenshots. lol

deviantART: home of my PRIDE AND JOY, Ghost Club. also check out my Toyhouse

Insta: less organized and more spammy than my dA...

Neopets and Virtupet: the official Neopets has gone downhill in my opinion, it isn't as fun and the site is messy and classic features are now gone. I keep my account for nostalgia's sake but when I want to play Neopets I go to Virtupet. It's a faithful recreation of classic Neopets with a generous amount of new things as well.

Youtube: once upon a time I wanted to make Minecraft letsplays but I'm just not cut out for recording... So I upload my silly little memes and animations here when i make them

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